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Recycling and the Environment

Premio is committed to being responsible to our environment by working to ensure that our electronic equipment is properly disposed of at the end of its useful life. Premio's computer recycling program plays a role in helping to protect the environment. Our take-back program enables consumers and businesses to dispose of used Premio's equipment in an invironmentally sound manner.

Energy efficiency

There are two ways to save energy: one is to properly power down or hibernate when the computer is not in use. The other method is using energy efficient appliances or components to properly maximize the usage. Premio integrates 80 PLUS directives into all its systems. 80 PLUS is an innovative, electric-utility-funded incentive program to integrate power factor corrected, energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and desktop-derived servers. Power supplies are the devices that convert AC power into DC power used in most electronics. On average, Premio's 80 PLUS qualified systems will reduce your computer's energy use by 15% to 25%. This translates to annual savings of approximately 85 kWh per year in desktop computers and 300 kWh per year in desktop-derived servers. Premio's utilization of 80 PLUS directives will also allow you to reap the benefits of improved power quality, energy savings, increased reliability and reduced heat output. These benefits result in a longer lasting system that will save you both time and money.

Recycling in Washington

Step One, Verify the product you wish to recycle is a Premio desktop, or monitor (CRT or LCD). To verify if your product is a Premio product please look for the Premio logo. Premio clearly marks its products for easy identification. Step Two, Call the 800 number or send us an email, it’s that easy! All recycling services are free in your state. Once you enter your contact and product information, a shipping label and packaging (if needed) will be mailed to you so you can pack and ship your product back to Premio, unless you already have a container

To start the process of the Washington Recycling program, click here.

The Washington Department of Ecology finished adopting WAC 173-900 in 2007 requiring computer and television manufacturers to provide consumer-convenient recycling of their covered electronic products (CEPs) throughout the state beginning January 1, 2009. Covered electronic products, or CEPs, are computers, televisions, computer monitors, and portable or laptop computers used by households, small governments, small businesses,and charities. For more information about Washington's electronic waste law, visit the Washington Department of Ecology website.

For more information in regards to packing instructions, location drop off, and pre-print online label. Learn more.

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For other related questions, issues, or problems please contact our Customer Support at or call 800-568-6388

Data Security (Sanitize and Purge)

Premio recommends that you conduct a complete data wipe of your hard drive prior to shipment or delivery of your device for recycling. While Premio directs its recycling partners to wipe, destroy, and sanitize the data on devices received for recycling, Premio still strongly recommends that you take precautions to make sure your personal data is erased beforehand. Please understand that simply deleting a file does not erase your personal data from your hard drive. Data wiping software that uses more effective methods for data removal can be purchased at most computer retailers or downloaded, often free of charge, from tech-media websites. Premio assumes no responsibility for the loss or confidentiality of data received for recycling or from the use of data wiping software.
Information on data wiping and software examples can be found at

Policies and Performance

Premio is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to providing our customers with sound avenues to responsibly manage Premio’s branded products that have reached the end of their useful life.

Standard for Electronics Disposition

Premio requires that its recycling programs are operated in a manner that ensures the proper management of end-of-life electronic equipment, components and materials. Premio only works with recycling vendors that obtain environmental management systems certifications as well as recycling standard certifications such as Responsible Recycling (R2) or E-Stewards. All of Premio’s first tier vendors are certified to the R2 Standard, E-Stewards Standard, or both. Finally, Premio expects each of its end-of-life management vendors and sub-vendors to adhere to Premio’s Standard for Electronics Disposition and Take Back.